St-Barth diving team

Bertrand Caizergues

Bertrand Caizergues

Aka "Birdy", began diving in 1981, became professional seven years later and created St-Barth Plongee in 1993; to date he has done over 8000 dives.
Dive instructor status No. 972-92-0019, it is also an instructor for Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor n°. 906 361.

Thibault Caizergues

Thibault Caizergues

From early on, at 7 years of age, his father Birdy passed on his passion so that Thibault now counts over 900 dives and is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and First Aid qualified. He is literally born in the water.

Vanessa Côté

Vanessa Côté

She is a french Canadian who's travelling around south and central america. She wants to enjoy the island of saint-barth and develop her skills as a certified PADI Divemaster. She would never forget hey first bubbles under the water in the Indian Ocean. The magic of the underwater world helped her to discover that scuba diving had to be an integral part of her life. She feel at home when she is underwater. She speak french, english and Spanish.


Mathieu Tessier

French Canadian, Mathieu “Matt” Tessier is on a permanent vacation in St. Barth and helps out with the overflow as a certified PADI Divemaster and Medic First Aid instructor.
Prior to his taste for the good life, Matt was one of Canada’s largest futures and options advisor on commodities, financial indexes and currencies; feel free to pick his brains on the next big trade between two dives, in French, English or Spanish.

Jean-Louis Portales

Jean-Louis Portales

PADI OWSI and First Degree Subaquatic educator, Jean-Louis has been diving for over 40 years and is an autodidact entrepreneur, stress and sports coach. He opened one of the first dive centers in St. Martin and then created the Dive Buddy brand which is a reference in the Caribbean islands.
Recently installed in St. Barth, Jean-Louis brings a wealth of experience to St Barth Plongee by his passion and know-how.


Ben Portnoy

I discovered scuba diving in the quarries and canals of Belgium and then I started to discover the underwater wonders around the world, I settled on the banks of the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula where I was responsible teaching and managing. First a CMAS 3 stars Instructor trainer and soon I became a PADI Course Director and stayed with PADI until today.
Scuba instructor since 1967, I graduated BEES1 French, BSAC Advanced Instructor. I make training of diving instructors my business. For the last 40 years and with PADI since 1993.

The diving boat


Safety is rule number one and the equipment comes from the "Scubapro" brand, the tanks are adapted to the morphology of the adult and youth divers alike which makes the dive easier and more enjoyable.

The boat has been christened "Sacha", it is 35 feet long (10.50 meters) with an inboard engine built for 25 passengers. Specially equipped for scubadiving, we welcome 10 divers per trip to optimize comfort. Tank rack, sun protection, special snorkeling & diving ladder, dry storage for clothing and a protective cabin from the sea, wind and rain.

We will take you directly to the many dive sites around the island. Dive sites are located in the natural reserve of St. Barts, a paradise for divers.

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