Dive Sites


St. Barts and its surrounding islands located within a few minutes by boat, offer an exceptional variety of dive sites. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, you can explore the underwater topography of immense beauty.

Delight yourself with a flora and fauna of a thousand faces: multiple tropical fishes with amazing colors, corals, sponges, sea fans and shells just in front of you. A fascinating world for you to discover with great happiness.
From January to June, you might have the opportunity to observe the whales with their little ones and the unusual opportunity to hear them sing.

For a bigger exploration, we organize dives to Saba, two hours by boat, another magical place for new sensations. It is a beautiful island with very different underwater sites, new experiences and delights guaranteed. This expedition requires a minimum of divers and is also subject to the weather conditions.


Names of the dive sites

Gros Islets - The aquarium - La vilaine caye de gros Ilets - La baleine de gros Ilets - The Marignan - The Non Stop - The Dakar - The Birdy dive - La longue trainée - The rudder of pain de sucre - Petite baleine de pain de sucre - Grosse baleine de pain de sucre - Pain de sucre - The Kayali - The Angie and Florence - L'âne rouge - Drop-off of Colombier - The shallow end of Colombier - Fourchue - La faille de Shell Beach - Augusto dive - Baril de bœuf - Phallus dive - Toc vert - La poule - Les poussins - La caye d'or - La caye d'esce - Roche rouge - The shallow end - Coco north - Coco south
  • St-Barthplongee

    Wrecks offer to the diver, the discovery of a specific ecosystem.

Wreck Diving


Wrecks offer a specific ecosystem with a privileged habitat abundant in flora and an exceptional diverse underwater fauna.

Wrecks are always places of unusual explorations, the condition of the ship always add an emotional aspect to these particular dives. All of these wrecks are located within the natural reserve of St. Barts.

The Four (4) wrecks in St. Barts, at different depths are accessible depending on your diving proficiency and ability. The Marignan, the Dakar, the non-Stop and of course the Kayali an absolute must-see.

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