Coral Restoration

"St. Barth Dive Center is involved and active"

St. Barth Dive Center is involved and active within the environment and in particular the marine ecosystem thus contributing to being one of the first official partners of the foundation that installed tables and domes to promote coral growth of different species.

St. Barth Coral Restoration Is a foundation for which its work consists mainly to restore and preserve coral reefs in Saint Barthelemy. The foundation is assisted and recognized by the top marine biologists who, in their respective sectors, have begun restoration programs.

As of today, more than a dozen nurseries have been implanted all around our island and according to your dives, you will have the possibility to discover and consequently admire the extraordinary evolution of these corals without, of course, forgetting to capture the diversity of the marine fauna that encompasses it.

Do not hesitate to demonstrate generosity towards the foundation. A participation, however small may it be, allows us to insure the future of our works for the protection of coral reefs and the divers' great enjoyment.

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