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Through this video gallery, discover and love diving underwater. We hope that these images will give you the desire and the curiosity to discover by yourself even these moments of pure happiness by being immersed in the aquatic world.

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DESCRIPTION : Infomercial on St. Barts diving, especially on its founder Bertrand Caizergues, aka "Birdy".

FILMED BY : Jason Joyce
PRODUCTION : SIBarth villa rentals
MUSIC : ...
DATE : December 2015
VIDEO TIME : 1'17 minutes

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Pub Nitrox
DESCRIPTION : Commercial extolling deserves the diving with nitrox.

FILMED BY : Tony Duarte
PRODUCTION : Tony Duarte & Co
MUSIC : Dolce Vita by Bedo Best & Super lounge orchestra
DATE : June 2015
VIDEO TIME : 1'39 minutes

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DESCRIPTION : Participation in the video clip "Happy from St-Barth"

FILMED BY : Tony Duarte
PRODUCTION : Tony Duarte & Co - The Collectivity of St-Barthélemy
MUSIC : "Happy" by Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack
DATE : April 2014
VIDEO TIME : 4'18 minutes

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St Barth Dream
DESCRIPTION : St-Barts Dream is a condensed version of video footage of different dives around St-Barthélemy.

FILMED BY : Tony Duarte
PRODUCTION : Tony Duarte & Co
MUSIC : Whispers of the misty forest by Atte Tukiainen
DATE : February 2014
VIDEO TIME : 5'13 minutes

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