Our Snorkeling & Free diving

Prices in Euros include Marine Park and other fees.
After confirming your appointment, you will board the boat from the dock of the collectivity. We appreciate your presence 15 minutes before departure time. You may also go directly to the boat’s dock to book and/or embark on your dive.

Please note that cancellations within 48 hours of the activity are non-refundable. Furthermore, for a private dive or guide, a standby fee if guests are late per quarter-hour will be applied following the rate of the type of service retained.


Snorkeling trip

Snorkeling trip

Free diving or snorkeling is a fantastic opportunity for swimming excursions, with just a mask and tuba.

It is an ideal training so that you can then go scuba diving.

So you may comfortable in the water and enjoy the seabed without getting tired, St. Barth Plongee provides you an inflatable sludge (fries). 1 to 4 persons.


    € 80.00


    € 140.00

Private snorkeling

Private snorkeling

In clear, warm, shallow, tropical waters you can, with a qualified guide, observe an exceptional fauna and flora. He will tell you about the species that are hidden to the untrained eye and you can observe them in ideal conditions.

The underwater discovery requires no training it is accessible to all.

  • 2 HOURS - 1 SPOT

    € 350.00

  • 1/2 DAY - 2 SPOTS

    € 560.00

Free Diving

Free Diving

Free diving is not for the faint of heart as it relies on the diver’s capacity to hold their breath and control the fluidity of body.

However, the reward is freedom to admire closely the luscious beauty of the corals and its surrounding aquatic life without the use of a scuba gear, hence "free dive". 1 to 4 persons.

  • FREE DIVING 2h00

    € 80.00

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