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"Diving gives to each and every one of us a reason to dream."

Saint Barthelemy or St. Barts for insiders, a beautiful Caribbean island of crystal clear waters. Its many wonders of marine life and landscapes offers diverse diving spot which will impress diving enthusiasts. St. Barts is also an ideal spot to learn how to dive or reach the next proficiency level. Scuba divers of all levels will enjoy a wide range of wrecks and healthy amounts of marine life thanks to its marine park where many species of tropical fish flourish. In short, an astonishing universe for a moment of total immersion in another world under the sea.

  • PADI 5 star dive center
  • PADI 5 star dive center

    24 years of teaching

    PADI Five Star Dive Resorts excel in providing traveling scuba divers with memorable scuba diving experiences by providing professional and outstanding service. These dive operations are progressive PADI Resorts that offer the full range of PADI scuba programs, have a good equipment selection and offer dive activities that promote aquatic environmental responsibility.

    PADI Five Star Dive Center are committed to providing quality diver training and continuing education programs that include dive experiences and environmental awareness. These dive businesses often cater to the traveling diver, but are also active in the local community promoting the benefits of recreational scuba diving and snorkeling.




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Saint Barthelemy Cedex - Franch West Indies


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